Enon Hall

The Damerons - 1952-1962

July 2000
Susan Dameron Jones (grandaughter) writes:

"Your website is the BEST I've ever visited. I lived at Enon Hall for about a year--approx. 1962. Even now I think of it on a daily basis. It holds a very special place in my memories.

"I spent the first 18 years of my life on Antipoison Creek. The first house I lived in was "across the creek" from you. There used to be a little wooden bridge connecting the Enon Hall property (which was then owed by my grandparents, Elton R. Dameron, Sr. and Louise Bryant Dameron, now deceased) and the property on which I first lived in a little cinderblock house (owned by my father, E. Ralph Dameron, Jr., and my mother, Frances Franklin Dameron). My grandparents and parents were/are all natives of Richmond County.

"Your photos took me back in time. I was born in 1958, and I was approx. 4-5 when I lived at Enon Hall while my parents were awaiting completion of the construction of their home further on up Antipoison Creek. My grandparents' then new home next door had already been completed and they had moved in. My favorite part of Enon Hall was the graveyard. For some reason it held a special fascination for me--and it still does. I was highly fascinated by the dog's grave right outside the graveyard and the baby graves inside. The little out building/kitchen was my playhouse. When my grandparents lived there, "Uncle Philip" lived in it. I hear Uncle Philip was an interesting character--he remembered the Civil War. He died before I was born.

"I was afraid of the big blue room upstairs (law office) and wouldn't go in it by myself at night as I was convinced it was haunted--I don't know why. Mark always liked to scare me when we were kids. He probably scared me in there at one time and I never got over it. My grandparents called it the "dormitory"--they kept a lot of beds in it. They had five children and ended up with eighteen grandchildren. They had a lot of visits from their family, and a lot of people/kids slept in there--hence the "dormitory. Throughout the years, in addition to having been a law office, my father said he had heard that room had also been a children's classroom."

"Another of Mom's memories is a neighbor, Dave McKesson, shooting and killing a skunk under the Enon Hall house. Mom was pregnant with my younger sister, Joan (who never lived in the house). Mom was feeling ill anyway, and the skunk smell made her feel totally horrible.

"The Easter Eggs hunts there were the best!"

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