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William Hathaway of Virginia - The True Story

Family Tree of Hathaways who owned Enon Hall

"Ancestry of Sarah (Lawson) Hathaway: Wife of William Hathaway of Enon Hall - Lancaster County, Virginia" by William P. Carrell II, B.A., J.D. (PDF)

1762 Deed to Enon Hall

1772 Estate Inventory of William Hathaway

Captain John Hathaway and Hatherage

Henry Straughan Hathaway, 1826 - 1892

Lucellus Hathaway - Civil War Service

Walter E. Hathaway's Will - 1918

The Hathaway Family Graveyard at Enon Hall

Excerpt from "Hathaways of America" 1970

An Account of a childhood at Enon Hall

A description of Enon Hall by Virginia McComb in 1949

Enon Hall Historic Status and Survey by Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Post-Hathaway Families at Enon Hall (1941 - 1999)

Yankees, Blue Pigs, and a Castle: The Northern Neck And The Civil War

Other Sources:

Hathaway Family Association

Hattaway Bros. - Lots of information about the "Hattaway" family

Agnes Hathaway
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