Enon Hall

Enon Hall - The MacKenzies - 1950-1952

October 5, 2000
Don MacKenzie writes:

"I received the Richmond Times-Dispatch article from my cousin Thomas J. Nichols of Kilmarnock and was very pleased to see it and to see what you are doing to the old place. I will try to fill in some gaps of which you may not be aware.

"My parents bought Enon Hall Farms in January 1950 from the Hoopers formerly of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The realtor that handled the sale was Capt. (USN-rtd) Horace Robinson of White Stone which I guess explains the gap in your listing records. The listing of January 29,1952 was that at the time my parents sold the property.

"I left college in early February 1950 and with my mother's brother went to live at Enon Hall. After a short phase-in period,the Hoopers left and we started to make the house more liveable. Mr.Hooper had installed the heating system(?) but had been burning green slab wood for fuel. We installed the oil burner and had the house electrified at the same time--late spring of 1950. During the following months we added a closet to the bedroom at the top right of the stairs, and downstairs we added a small kitchen at the back of what you now call the library. The kitchen when we first arrived was what is now the dining room.

"The exterior was not changed during our short stay there and appeared as shown in the January 29, 1950 listing both when we arrived and when we left.

"My uncle was married in mid-1950 and had the little house across the creek built at that time--it then had access by bridge which I see is no longer there. I was married in Septmember 1950 (Betty and I celebrated our 50th anniversary last week) and lived at Enon Hall until I was drafted into the Army in April 1951. Betty stayed with my mother at the farm (my father commuted from his job in N.Y.--all too often) until it was decided to sell because of lack of available labor.

"I will send copies of what photos we have (if I canever find them) and a sketch of the floor plans as we remember them."

Sure enough, Mr. MacKenzie sent the following photos, as well as a wonderfully detailed floorplan.

This is the only photo that we have ever seen of the Enon Hall barns. This photo and the photo of the back of the house were taken from the windmill.

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